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How exercise plays an important role in weight management?

February 22, 2021 by Dr. Shashi Jain Goel0

One has to understand that the 2 most important things in weight management are:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise


Or we can also put it in this way, what is very important based on how much energy or calories we take in, and how much energy or calories we expend.

Suppose we are having our food daily and we are maintaining our weight for several months, what it means is, whatever we are taking in or eating food every day, it is enough or sufficient for our energy requirement every day.  There is no extra food which will add to our weight. But then suppose you suddenly increase your activity like you are just busy sitting in your office, sitting on your table and chair all day and suddenly you decide, you cut down your hours and then you play tennis or racquetball for 2 hours every day and suddenly you are spending much more energy, but then you continue to take the same amount of food, in such a situation, yes, you will lose weight.

All the studies have proved that if there is a choice between diet and exercise, then diet is actually more important.

If all medical bodies have agreed that losing weight is a lifelong process and the best way to do is, we calculate how much energy we are taking in and what is our activity level and what we do is we kind of accept this factor that if you are exercising then you are exercising daily and you need to lose weight, then we cut down your calorie requirement by 500 calories every day and then based on that you should lose about 1 pound every week or 0.5 kg every week. We should not try to lose more than 1 to 2 pounds a week. These are the golden principles in weight loss management.

How to do it?

We have written a book about it.  We are writing several books about it. maintaining our bodyweight close to our body mass index is very, very important.

Exercises – While we can exercise to lose weight or increase our energy expenditure, but exercise independently is very important for tons of other medical reasons which may not be directly connected to our weight management.



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