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A Weight loss program initiate and advent good physic and good health.

An appropriate weight according to your height or having a correct BMI can increase your healthy lifespan. Also being fit and healthy body weight can prevent getting serious medical issues like Blood pressure, Diabetes, and Heart attack to name a few!
A number of weight-loss programs offer a variety of weight-loss diets, with or without individual or group counseling. Typically, these diets range from 1,000 to 1,500 calories, but some are very low-calorie. Some programs require daily weigh-ins; others incorporate exercise. Many require foods or supplements that are unique to their program.
The most successful programs offer some combination of behavior modification, convenience, cooking and menu planning, lifestyle management, motivation, nutrition advice, daily exercise plans, slow and steady weight loss, strong support, and weight maintenance. Some employ nutrition and culinary specialists for diet, meal, menu, and recipe creations.
The following nutritional criteria have been enunciated. Our doctor believes that these criteria are equally appropriate for bariatric surgical procedures:
1. The diet should be safe and include adequate vitamins, minerals, and protein. It should be low in energy but not in essential nutrients. The diet should provide adequate dietary fiber.
2. Weight-loss programs should be directed toward a slow, steady weight loss unless the health condition of the patient requires more rapid weight loss.
3. The diet must be palatable and acceptable to the patient to achieve high patient compliance.
4. Strategies for weight maintenance should be implemented.


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